Your tour guide Jim at Lower Bear Resevoir

About Us

How it Started

Growing up in rural Northern California on the mighty Sacramento River provided a wonderful backdrop for exploration. Floating, fishing, hiking and camping before we could drive. At 16 buying that first car and venturing out, leading road trips to other areas of California with high school friends. 

Then college in Southern California.  Meeting my wife – Michelle in college!  A LA (Los Angeles) Women. Boy did I learn a lot about LA and Yosemite from Michelle.  We enjoyed our 15 years in Los Angeles!

We moved to Davis, California in 2004 to raise our 3 kids. When our kids were young, we hosted Extension Students and learned there was a need for tours that focused on smaller groups in more intimate settings with free time to explore.  

Weekend Roadtrips started as a hobby in 2009 and has developed into a small business.  Every family member plays a part in each tour – from washing the van, to barbequing in Lake Tahoe, to setting up the tents in Yosemite, to marketing at Farmers Market.  We truly care for each and every traveler and focus on providing the best, most affordable trips possible.

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